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App for forum Developer

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App for forum Developer

Post by Godz Angel on Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:06 pm

What are you applying for forum or ingame: I'm applying for forum developer, because these forums need work, in order to be a professional server, you need professional forums. I can or probably get you vbulletin, but no promises ( I would need the webhost pass, so.... I would think we would need to get to know each other first)

Why should you become a forum or ingame moderator?(50 or more words): Well, i should become a forum developer because i'm very good with them, I'm not all into graphics so i can't do any graphics for you, but i can add things to the forums that are needed, like nice and better forums ( As these free ones don't look professional.

What is you're timezone that you live at?: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Tell a little bit about yourself: Well, my name is Tyrell Very Happy i'm 17, and i work/play runescape/ programming ( Just a little). Well you said a little so i'm not going to go into details Razz

How long have you played Nexus for?: Not long at all, in fact i just registered, but i don't think i need to be on for 2 weeks in order to help with the forums.

Do you like the owner/creater of Nexus?: Well, i don't know him, but i do know jarret <3 we are good friends.

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