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How to donate

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How to donate

Post by Owner Sec on Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:25 pm


Here are the donater benefits.

1.Can you ::bank anywhere accept pking or in combat.
2. ::greenskin (gives you greenskin)
3. ::blueskin (gives you blue skin
4. ::yell allows you to yell publicly.
5. Can use unicorn pouch and Yak
6. ::Donatorzone and a nice shop and area.

Here are Extreme donator benefits

1.All the donator benefits above.
2.A better area with a much better shop.
3.::teleto players can't use in wildy though.
4.Any yell title you choose will be accepted.
5.::emote (id) allows you to do an emote.
6. Alot more are coming for both donator and extreme.

How to donate

First you can either CLICK HERE to start donating or next to "download server" at the very top should have "donate" click that and either use credit card or paypal.

5 dollers is for regular donator, and 10 dollers is for extreme. You can also donate RSGP. Only donate to "im sec see".

After you donated, post a new topic in "donate" of proof that you donated and a admin will get to you shortly. The max that you have to wait is around 1 hour.

Thank you,



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