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Suggestion [Required*]

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Suggestion [Required*]

Post by Welfare on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:21 pm

As long this server getting more popular.
I can see that we're in a high need for a new category that hand the 'User Reporting' title.

This Category will have a format required to be used or else the application of the other person posted (his report) will be automatically denied within asking him to put in the correct format.

Example of a format(could be used):

*: required.
Username of the person that broke the rule* (In-game name, then forums):
Rule broken*(could be found at the rules section, where you can copy and paste the sub-head or just list it down):
The world he broke the rule in(world 1 or world 2):
Proof*(It is a must to show a proof that he broke a rule, or else without a proof there is no choice except denying this report):

This could be a format.
As there should be two sub-heads categories in the main head category 'User reporting', which are 'Accepted' for accepted applications, that were successful by the use of the format and punishing the rule breaker. 'Denied' for the denied applications, that had a failure to adhere the report and/or the format required.

Hope my suggestion take place.

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Re: Suggestion [Required*]

Post by PL0x on Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:26 pm

Didn't get most it butttt most of da time sec or j guna be on. tell them if sum1 broke a rule.. until or if sec makes that part of the game. tell me and ill notify j or sec on skype if they are not in-game.

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