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Matrixftw moderator application format

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Matrixftw moderator application format

Post by Owner Sec on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:47 am

This is the Moderator application format which is a must use in order to apply for Ingame or Forum Moderator.

Before you apply, you will have to meet the following criteria
1. Must have played NeXus for atleast 2 weeks.
2. Never been reported or broke any rules what so ever.
3. Will be extremely active on the server and forum.
4. Not here for staff, here to play and have fun. (people play 2 get staff if not they quit)
5. Is kind to all players and has helped out a lot on the community.

If you have passed the following criteria above you may apply, if not do NOT apply or it will be denied, forever.

Here is the format expected to see.

Make sure to post a poll! saying yes or no should i become a moderator. (needed)

What are you applying for forum or ingame?:

Why should you become a forum or ingame moderator?(50 or more words):

What is you're timezone that you live at?:

Tell a little bit about yourself:

How long have you played Nexus for?:

Do you like the owner/creater of Nexus?:

Do you like the rules of NeXus?:

Do NOT apply more then once, if you do denied forever.

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Re: Matrixftw moderator application format

Post by PL0x on Wed Jul 18, 2012 2:48 pm

1. I am applying for forum moderator, solely on the reason because, I feel you already have two great mods, and they've done their job well enough to where, it can't be done much better.

2. I think, I can stop confusion, and help players quickly and without problems, I'm nice to players, I never make arguments, and 1 does come up, I end it quickly. I'd work very hard to make sure my job is getting done, without any question.

3. My time zone is central.

4. Im, 14. Been playing rsps's for about 2-3 years now, so I know alot about them. Could easily give people the answers they're looking for. In my spare time, I play basketball.

5. I've played Nexus for about a month, because Jarrett asked me to, and this server has been fun ever since, I played when it was a 667, and I play now.

6. I do like the owner of Nexus, he's funny at times, but when it's time to be serious, he really can be. I like how he can make a joke, without it sounding mean to a player, or offending them in anyway, not sure how he does it, but, all around, he's a nice guy.

7. I do like the rules of nexus, they are rules that need to be followed, and very simple instructions. I do believe that makes the rules only because of people, who would abuse the simple things of the game. If it wasn't for those types of players, Nexus, and any rsps would be much more enjoyable.

Any players, please say yes or no, weather you think I have what it takes, be honest, please. Feel free to say whatever you think.


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Re: Matrixftw moderator application format

Post by Sarahh on Wed Jul 18, 2012 5:50 pm

Nice application pl0x

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Re: Matrixftw moderator application format

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